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Tapscott's is a distributor of artificial and permanent floral products, greenery and related accessories. Founded in 1933 in Owensboro, Kentucky, Tapscott's has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver quality, service, innovation and value. Everything we do revolves around these core values of our business.


We are known throughout the floral industry for our comprehensive catalog of high quality products, colors and designs. We also know that quality extends well beyond a company's products. Our team is passionate about our company and our enthusiasm and motivation helps drive our effort to provide an enjoyable customer experience.


We're a people business who treats customers with respect. Call us to ask a question. Ask if we can recommend products. Request a visit by one of our sales representatives. Place an order for immediate delivery. We put the highest degree of confidence and respect in our people to deliver personalized service that is customer-driven and responsive to their needs. With an average tenure of over 20 years, our team is not just dedicated to Tapscott's we're committed to supporting the growth and success of our customers and the entire floral industry.


We strive to develop and offer the right solutions for our customers. Our design team works closely with our trusted suppliers around the world to ensure we meet today's needs while anticipating tomorrow's trends. Yes, we maintain a large inventory of "standards" and "classics", and we also have many things you won't find anywhere else.


We measure and deliver value by offering a great selection of products at very competitive prices, supported by people who care about what they do. It's really that simple.

Tapscott's serves over 5000 customers across the United States and throughout the Americas. Many of our customers are supported by our team of sales representatives who can provide on-site samples and personalized service. We also have Showrooms in certain metropolitan areas and plan to expand our "local presence" in the future.

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  • Cemeteries and Mausoleums

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    Variety Stores

    Drug Stores / Pharmacies

  • Office Management and Supply


    Hotels, Motels and Resorts

    Groceries and Markets

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